Social Media Can Give You an Edge in the Job Search

By Toni Vranjes

April 11, 2011 2 Comments

When you’re online, you can keep up with family, friends and colleagues, and express yourself to the world. It’s fun, it keeps you busy – and it can also help in your job search.

The effective use of social media can greatly boost a job seeker’s chances of success, says Daniel Greenberg, chief marketing officer of Simply Hired. Through social media, you can network with others, find new career opportunities, and show your expertise to potential employers.

One key part of the job search is building your social network. That includes meeting people face-to-face — at industry conferences, networking events, and other places. In addition, you should connect with people on networking websites like Facebook and LinkedIn. All of your contacts potentially could provide you with job leads.

“The more people you know, the more opportunities will be presented,” Greenberg says.

He also recommends searching for links between the jobs you want and the people you know. And Simply Hired – a job search engine that compiles listings from around the Web – provides a quick way to do that. When you perform a search on Simply Hired and arrive at the results page, you can click on the “Who Do I Know” button at the top of the page. If you grant Simply Hired access to your LinkedIn or Facebook account, you’ll return to the search results page – and then you’ll find out if you have any connections at the hiring companies. If you do, their names and photos will be displayed to the right of the job listings.

The “Who Do I Know” feature takes into account the “six degrees of separation,” Greenberg notes. You can find out not only if you know someone directly at the company, but also if one of your direct contacts knows somebody at that company.

Once you have all of that information, you could ask these contacts to help you get a foot in the door of potential employers.

“Typically the fastest way into a company is if you know somebody there,” Greenberg says.

Meanwhile, another popular form of social media – blogging – also could give you an advantage. If you blog regularly on a particular topic, you could attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers in your field. The blog should include plenty of original content to help you stand out from the crowd.

You could think of the job seeker as a product, and the prospective employer as the consumer of that product. The more clearly defined the product is, the higher the probability it will be bought, he notes.

This approach is best-suited for people with clearly defined career goals, and those who are knowledgeable and passionate about a particular topic, according to Greenberg. Blogging is particularly valuable for “information workers,” he says.

“If you have clarity as to what you want to do in your career and what domain you want to call your own, then you would be very well-served to author and maintain a blog that focuses on your expertise in that area,” he says.

For instance, a job seeker with experience in direct marketing could blog on that topic. The site could include best practices that the person has observed and links to useful articles.

While blogging can give you an edge, it’s not the most crucial part of the job search, Greenberg emphasizes. It’s more important to build your network, find the right job openings, and figure out who you know at the hiring companies. Also, he emphasizes that a well-organized and easy-to-read resume is essential.

So find new ways to incorporate social media into your job search – and it just might take some unexpected, and pleasant, turns.

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2 Comments to “Social Media Can Give You an Edge in the Job Search”
  1. Karen says:

    Wow! I am so grateful that I found this site. Your articles are so positive and inspiring ! During this month I: graduated with a Masters in IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications)from Roosevelt Univ., turned 49 years old, and am still looking for a interesting position while handling family responsibilities. I KNOW, I will accomplish what I need but this morning ,after a stressful week ,I was feeling a little overwhelmed and frustrated ,I open my email and decided to read the post that led me to this site. I feel that it was a blessing to be led to this information :-). Thanks again,you lifted my spirit this morning and I will of course tell all my contacts about this resource. Thank you again and have a fun weekend! Karen/Chicago

  2. Toni Vranjes says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks! I’m glad that Revive My Career has been a helpful resource for you. Good luck with the job search.

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