Three Tips on Using Google+ for Your Job Search

By CareerBliss

September 13, 2011

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Google+ is the newest social network that can give job seekers another leg up on the competition. In this job market, every extra mile counts.

Right now, Google+ is a fairly new concept, and not everyone is on the bandwagon. However, you can use this to your advantage as a job seeker. If you start using Google+ to cater to your job search among the small G+ community now, you’ll be ahead of everyone else who joins in later — with a much more competitive and solid network.

Whether or not Google+ actually becomes as big as Facebook or LinkedIn, it only takes a few minutes to manage it — so why not? To start, follow these important tips to effectively use Google+ in your job search:

1) Create Professional “Circles.” The best and most unique part about Google+ is that you can filter your contacts and connections however you want. This allows you to easily restrict your photos from last night to your close friends—while keeping it professional for potential employers. For job seekers, it comes in handy to separate your personal and work life by creating circles for:

  • Employers — Hiring managers or manager-level employees at companies in which you are interested in working.
  • Recruiters — People from staffing agencies who specialize in the industries in which you are interested.
  • Associates — Your current colleagues, acquaintances and employees who are working at companies in which you are interested.

2) Grow your Professional Network. Now that you have your circles situated, it’s time to start building your network. According to ComScore, a leading expert on behavior of digital consumers, Google+ had 20 million visitors in the first three weeks of its launch. Take advantage by following these steps:

  • First and foremost, you can find relevant users using the “Find People” search tool at the top of the page. Start by finding all of your acquaintances, and then connect with any of their contacts who may be relevant to you.
  • Next, use tools like Find People on Plus to browse people you don’t know, but may be of interest to you and drag them to your circles accordingly. The search bar on this tool enables you to filter people by location, hobby, industry and other categories.

3) Engage with G+ Users. Google+ is a great platform to showcase your expertise in your job area. As you continue to grow your network, do not add them to your circles and walk away. Share interesting posts, write notes, and comment on others’ posts to show that you’re active and looking for a job.

For instance, if you’re a software engineer, show your professional circles that you love keeping up-to-date on the latest technologies by posting something new once a day. Engage in any way you can, and Google+ has a strong potential to serve as a major advantage in the long run.

So make the most of this new social media platform by being one of the first to use it proactively in your job search. If you need help researching companies, check out company reviews to narrow down your Google+ search.

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