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Revive My Career is a resource for people in career transition. Maybe you’re employed, and you’re seeking a better job in the same field, or you want to change your profession entirely. Perhaps you’ve been laid off, or you’re a stay-at-home parent who wants to re-enter the workforce, and you’re wondering what to do next. Whatever the situation, you can find support at Revive My Career.

The site covers the latest employment news, and it also provides career tips from experts. You’ll find the perspectives of employers, recruiters, career coaches, economists, job seekers, and others. All of these insights can guide you as you travel along your unique path.

Toni Vranjes, Editor-in-Chief

My mission is to tell you about the latest employment trends and resources so that you can advance your career.

During my own career, I’ve developed expertise in business journalism. I’ve been a staff reporter for several publications, including the Los Angeles Daily Journal, Medical Industry Today, and The Orange County Register.

I love writing about the world of work, because of the huge role it plays in people’s lives — both financially and emotionally. And that world is in transition, as the shocks of the financial collapse reverberate throughout the economy, and outsourcing and automation continue to transform the job market. Your career path may be affected not only by these broad economic trends, but also by personal events such as the birth of a child. Careers are constantly changing and evolving.

In this new era, many people still hold traditional 9-to-5 jobs, but others are looking for alternative options, such as consulting or freelance work. I strive to provide the tips and resources that you need to thrive in this new world.

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